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lil_bishie's Journal

Ryou Bakura
2 September
Ohhhh... I want a Creamylicious puff for Christmas.
Only a Creamylicious puff will do!
I don't want nothing from old Mummy.
I just want cream puffs that are yummy!
And Creamylicious makes them fresh for you!!

My life, thus far:

After Kaiba's Battle City tournament, I found myself in the hospital with pneumonia... Of course, it wasn't pneumonia... but rather a disease I caught in the Shadow Realm. It... nearly killed me, but... I got better...
And it brought me closer to my yami, who really does care. And because of it, I
... I met Malik again, and fell in... in love with him and we got married! Now I own my own bakery... which seems to be on the target list of the Muffin Mafia... and one day, Malik and I will start a family. But... but not today.

Today, I'm just taking everything one step at a time.

Friends and Family:

OOC Malik: The love of my life, sweeter than a whole package of cream puffs!
IC Bakura: My yami. The other half of my soul. I accidently killed him... But somehow, I accidently brought him back to life too.
Jihan, Zahi, Vega, and Hoshi: My babies! They're on a distant planet somewhere, where their people are fighting the Klingoffs. I just hope they're safe.

IC Rebecca: A very nice friend. She's so very smart.
OOC Yuugi: Another friend. I hope the Muffin Mafia doesn't get him...
OOC Honda: Another friend. I like reading his news stories.
Dr. Malouf: The best doctor in all of Domino City. Nothing fazes him anymore...

Um... other people... who scare me...

Jello: Leader of the Muffin Mafia. I... I think he's out to get me...
Dr. Shogi: Twisted, evil doctor... He's dead now... I think.
IC Mahaado: A priest from the thief king's time who wanted to kill all Bakurae. I don't know if he still does... but I don't want to take any chances. Magic shorts out my pacemaker...
OOC Mokuba: He's a mean jerk... and he's violent, and stuck up...
IC Yami Malik: He... he did send me to the shadow realm where I got sick in the first place. But he helped put my yami back in a new body... so maybe... maybe he's not all bad...